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About a year ago I felt stuck in my career with no clear direction. That's when I asked Zoreh to help me decide what my goals really are and how to achieve them.
She was able to discover what was holding me back and how to get me back on track. She did it in a wonderfully positive way. I never felt rushed or any pressure. I could sense that she really cared and I was in good hands.

It helped me a great deal to get some focus and direction. Her help led me to publish my first book of illustrations. That led me to get connected with a very well known literary agent for my second book. I feel I am reaching my full potential and Zoreh had a very big part in that. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs some inspiration and direction to realize their dreams.

Thank you Zoreh I am steaming ahead.

Neel Muller
Meerkat Industries

I was amazed how Zoreh Gottfurcht addressed all aspects of my life in a few sessions. She helped me to categorize my concerns, worries, hopes and dreams. She helped me to have a realistic view toward my life. Zoreh supported me to recognize the best way to deal with my life and get the most result.

Shahla Zahiri
Legal Consultant

I was delighted with my experience with Zoreh Gottfurcht as my Business, Money Life coach.. She was extremely helpful in getting me to move more effectively toward achieving my goals, especially areas where I was stalled or blocked. I enjoyed her warmth, caring and charm and that helped make the process non-threatening and fun. But those qualities, combined with her skill in asking leading questions, also helped me open up and take a look at things that I was not paying attention to in myself.

Michael Sather
Senior Analyst

Part of Zoreh's success can be contributed to her great listening skills, intuitive understanding of business situations, and her unique gift of asking the right questions. This lead in my case to the opening of new opportunities, the re-activation of established business relationships and the prevention of unnecessary dead -end situations. Her analytical thinking and exercises can help any businessman or -woman to reach new heights in their career. Do you want to be next?

Wolfgang Kovacek CEO,
Unlimited Nextwork Group Inc.

Zoreh Gottfurcht is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. She exudes a tremendous amount of passion and enlightenment through her words of wisdom. Since working with Zoreh, I have taken an exciting new career path. Coaching sessions with Zoreh have been nothing less than invaluable. I highly recommend Zoreh Gottfurcht to anyone who is interested in being the best that you can be.

Marilyn Phelps
Real Estate Professional

Working with Zoreh gave me different perspective on how to move forward in my practice and how obstacles can turn into possibilities. She helps untangle the mind map so you have a clear direction of your week, month or year. I was in a rut in my practice and working with Zoreh showed me how much I was getting in the way of my practice taking off.
In good health,

Dr. Ben Shamoiel

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